Senpai! Pretty, pretty please?!

[Persona 4 Golden The Animation ep8]

[DRAMAtical Murder ep8]

Cause I forgot to do this when I was first watching it, so why not

I just really liked the shots of when they did draw his bracelets right hahaha

[DRAMAtical Murder ep9]

I already cried buckets today but yeah why not, I’ll cry again.

[Free! Eternal Summer ep7]

Goddammit, Rei.

[Free! Eternal Summer ep7]

Goddammit, Rei.

animazed sent: tagged! 5 random facts! then go tag some of your favorite people! :D

1. I have the Lord’s Prayer written on a whiteboard in Swedish. What?
2. I’ve never been to another country, just two other states which are Maryland and Ohio….
3. …but everyone thinks I’m either from Britainland or Hong Kong.
4. I’ve been working on a longass story for years called “Feather System Initiate”. Seriously, if it was animated, it would be at least two seasons depending on how it’s handled and so so many arcs.
5. I almost ended up working for communications in the army but I was too lazy to take the second test.

I would normally apologize if I notice a trend of people in following me, but I’m currently not in the mood to worry about unfollowers and I’m quite grateful that 500 people on tumblr see me and don’t hate me.

Thanks, guys. I actually just sent a thank you mail to markiplier as well. He saved the day again with his latest video with Wade.

I actually smiled today after crying for like an hour. The magic this man does, I swear.

I hate my situation the way it is now.

I’ve been lying about attending school for the past 3yrs and have been working instead. If I could keep attending school, I would’ve. But we just didn’t have enough money. We still don’t.

I tried working while studying, but that wasn’t enough. I tried waiting a semester or two but the school basically didn’t let me enroll in classes so I spent another semester practically begging for them to tale me back, while working. But that’s when financial aid started to fail in covering me. I couldn’t go back to school.

Even now, it’s hard for us to pretend nothing’s wrong. The only reason we’re not homeless yet is because certain family members help us from time to time.

And don’t you dare say it’s because mother is too lazy to work. She has more health problems than you. She has problems simply vacuuming a room. She feels guilty for not being able to let us live like our friends do. And there’s nothing she can do about it except try to not make it worse.

I couldn’t tell you because you wanted someone who could graduate with a master’s, hold a career, and take care of you. But I’m already so busy taking care of the family I live with.

You both keep telling me not to end up like you guys, but the hatred better you put me where I am now. I want to believe that there’s something I can do so that I don’t end up lonely, poor, and unfulfilled. But I don’t have that kind of hope left for life.

I don’t feel like I’m fighting to get ahead. I’m fighting to stay afloat. What kind of comfortable future can there be if I’m worried about that all the time?

I sound what you might call “overly dramatic”, but the fact that I hate everything still holds. It’s going to be a very long time before anyone in this house isn’t financially stressed. Before I can finally live on my own.

I don’t need this phone, and after sister becomes 18, you won’t have to be involved with us, either. You’re not losing a daughter. You already lost her when you threatened to torture her.





I feel that this week’s episode addressed a really important issue. The whole season is obviously addressing young people choosing what to do with their future, but this episode really showed just how much of a struggle it is for those who don’t know what they want to do,…