I’m such a fucking idiot

I know half the time, I speak before I think, but never has it caused any damage.

Now I don’t know if this in particular will do or has done any damage, but ugghhhh

Why do I do this

And why can’t I be consistent

Sometimes I think, sometimes I don’t


[Persona 4 Golden The Animation ep7]

If there’s one thing this adaptation has done other than confuse and enrage me, it’s making me like Adachi even more.

[Zankyou no Terror ep6]

During one of the nights at otakon, I crossed someone cosplaying Marco like…..how do I explain this

Marco as he was when he died. Half of her was bloody and ruined and I was so upset by it but I wasn’t like “this is so wrong”, I was just sad

And she hugged me for a while.

These are the fans I love.


this is my favourite GIF ever. 


this is my favourite GIF ever. 

When Valon does not approve.

When Valon does not approve.

You know what else feels rushed

Well no, not feel. It actually is.

Tokyo Ghoul. Now from the pov of someone who doesn’t know what it is and hasn’t read it before, it’s gonna seem fine since the stuff they omit is usually extra lines or….flashbacks or something like that. It’s been a while, ok



Very very fast

I’d be more than willing to donate.

But trying to force me to be covered in ice water when you clearly know I hate getting wet does not make this charity challenge look good.

I said I was gonna donate. Why are you still trying to make me do something you know I hate

I’m trying to see just how long wife can pretend that I am straight.

When I am anything but straight.


We aren’t part of the spectrum. We ARE the spectrum.