It has got to be an otp thing.


kagehina month: no. 6 AU


This week in sports anime.

The protags attacking their baes.


i can’t stop drawing kagehina… and i don’t plan on stopping

So for some random reason, I remembered how I watched the movie Madeline Lost in Paris and then I got mad like “FUCK HENRI”

So if you have never seen Ghost Hunt, I personally loved it and wished there was a continuation.

It’s basically like Supernatural but not as serious or complicated. All the ways different religions and beliefs deal with ghosts, they’re all true in this show like in Supernatural. And you have different characters who deal with spirits in different ways and it was pretty creepy and sad and I liked.

I wanna lose weight, but at the same time, I really don’t give a shit :/

"I don’t get it, do girls like buff guys or not? They’re so confusing"

Some do, some don’t. Because they’re not just girls, they’re human beings just like you and each person has their own preferences.

"But guys like the hourglass figure best, don’t they?"

Again, some do, some don’t.

Who cares what they like? You do what YOU like. You shouldn’t have to define yourself with the ideals of others.

So I’m…..probably not gonna be Juvia for katsucon. Maybe. We’ll see what happens I guess. Because my Grey isn’t gonna be Grey for that con D: and I have no cosplay that can match Kaito or Hazama


The only thing that would look nice next to Kaito is Ruby since it’s the opposite color scheme

But my bangs won’t grow fast enough by that time….UGGHHHH


please do yourself a favor and date the biggest fckn nerd u can get ur hands on

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